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"We vowed not to give up!"

There were many migration hurdles to overcome when Eve Padgett and Stewart Glynn decided to migrate to New Zealand together...

We arrived at London’s Earl’s Court for Down Under Live in March 2009 full of excitement and anticipation. Having had long discussions (over many glasses of wine), we’d decided we wanted to build a life together in New Zealand, and this was the start of making it happen!

We went to the stand offering free migration advice and waited to see the New Zealand agent. The queue was very short, much shorter than the one for Australia. Had they not read about how amazing New Zealand is? Or did they know something about Australia we didn’t? We hoped it was the former!

We met with Borey Chum from Migration Associates and talked about who we were and what we did. Borey explained that our jobs – Stewart is an Internal Auditor and I was a Programme Assurance Manager – weren’t on the Long Terms Skilled Shortage List (LTSSL), and that it was unlikely we would qualify through the Skilled Migrant Category route, unless we obtained an offer of skilled employment. It was a huge disappointment and we left deflated. We hadn’t considered that we would fall at the first hurdle.

We spent the next few weeks looking at alternative options, even considering Australia, but our hearts were set on New Zealand so we vowed not to give up. Then we had a stroke of luck, the timing of which seemed like destiny calling.

Borey contacted us in July to say that the LTSSL had been updated to include Internal Auditor! We didn’t need time to think and we appointed Borey as our Licensed Immigration Adviser, having been impressed with his honesty and communication, to start the whole process. The next step was to apply to have Stewart’s qualifications assessed, as we couldn’t apply without a positive assessment.

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