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    If you want to emigrate to Australia, are looking for employment or want to travel around this iconic country, then you need to be at Down Under Live!
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    If you want to emigrate to New Zealand, are looking for employment or want to travel around this iconic country, then you need to be at Down Under Live!
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    Looking for a new job in Australia or New Zealand? We'll be screening and interviewing candidates for a variety of positions across both Australia & New Zealand.

Are you "Wanted Down Under?"

If you are looking to emigrate to Australia, find a job in New Zealand or enjoy a great holiday downunder, then this is the ONLY show that you'll need.


Down Under Live! gathers together the very best that these two iconic countries have to offer under one roof; and give you the chance to get the downunder experience on your doorstep.



What our visitors think:


Thank you Down Under Live, I managed to find out all the info I needed. See you in Birmingham!!!
Sarah on our Facebook page - Like us


Try and get there as early as u can... as the Brum one had loads of talks and stalls to look round with loads of ppl offering advice on all sorts of things from transferring finances, houses, jobs, education, pet relocation, visas, long haul shipping containers etc,... took us a far while to get round them all
Sarah on our Facebook page - Like us


"Thank you for a very interesting and well organised day - lots of usefulintelligence gained."
Anne, London


"Hi, we went to Down Under Live and found it useful and interesting. I am a nurse and Western Australia Health were there and gave lots of advice and info. We also had a chat with removal people and a financial advisor. There were some really good talks going on the whole day. We were very early on in the process but found it well worth while." Good luck!


"Yesterday my husband and I, and my mum, dad and younger brother went to the Down Under Live show in Leeds. We all had a great day and found out lots of information! My husband applied for one of four carpentry positions, he'll be being contacted this week and we've got everything crossed!!!We also got advice on state sponsorship too. So all in all a very informative, helpful day out. We would happily recommend Down Under Live"
Dawn and Sam, Sheffield


"I attended the seminar last year and have since emigrated! I found that the seminar covered a good range of topics that I needed to understand, from banking, employment opportunities to accommodation information. Nothing quite beats going through it for real but it certainly helped give some visibility of all the various items that needed to be addresses to make the transition to Australia as smooth as possible."
Nathan Jemmett, Perth


"I have been doing a lot of work to relocate as a nurse and have been to 2 of the Down under Live shows for different reasons in last 6 months and has been really helpful. I opened my bank account there and made a major decision on who i wanted to help me through the migration process. I also made a decision on which part I want to go to and have now been linked to a person whois helping me with recruitment."


"The show was fantastic yesterday in Birmingham. Thanks for organising such a superb event . We learn't tons , and really enjoyed it too."
Chris and Lindsay Boyd


Visit the show and you'll get FREE access to our dedicated seminar theatre, where you can sit and enjoy a packed programme covering every aspect of migrating down under, including:

  • Visas; our experts will guide you through the many options available and what the waiting times are – plus how you can navigate through the application process and save yourself time and money.

  • Jobs; both Australia and New Zealand still need skilled migrants, and at the show, you can find out which occupations are in demand, and where your skills are most needed.

  • Moving; hear from a wide range of companies on every aspect of migration, including money transfers, shipping, tax, pension advice and more besides

  • Real life; we'll be talking to families at the show who have made the move, and get their advice on what pitfalls to avoid and how they are enjoying their new lives.

And you can make the move!


Need help finding a job?


Visit our Working Down Under area - find your dream job in Australia or New Zealand at our shows.


We have jobs for a wide range of tradespeople and skilled migrants in both countries and the opportunity to get help from our recruitment professionals via the JobMatch service.


Down Under Live - your adventure starts here !



6th-7th October 2018


13th-14th October 2018