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Emigrating to Tasmania

Euan (31) & Jacqueline (27) Wiseman


Both worked at the Boath House Hotel in Nairn in the Scottish Highlands, Euan as a sous chef at the Michelin-star restaurant, and Jacqueline as an assistant manager. Both now manage the kitchen and restaurant at Corinna Widerness Experience in the Tarkine rainforest region on the Tasmanian West Coast, where they live on site, while spending the rest of their time at their home in Stanley, North West Tasmania


Moray, Scotland


Stanley, North West Tasmania


MakeItTasmania assisted the couple with their visas. For more information visit makeittasmania.com.au/

After getting married we initially came out to Australia on working holiday visas back in November 2010, with the aim of travelling and working for a year before coming back to Scotland. However, we hadn’t expected to fall in love with Tasmania, the lifestyle, scenery and the people. We left Aberdeen Airport at 6.30am after nearly missing our plane due to horrendous snow and ice and saying our tearful goodbyes to family, but we were happy to be heading for sunshine. We arrived in Perth, Western Australia to a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, which was a bit of a shock! We had a couple of days in Perth to get over our jetlag before exploring some more of the state before heading to Melbourne. While in Melbourne, Euan, a sous chef by profession, was lucky to gain some work experience in the highly acclaimed Vue de Monde restaurant. We had looked at flying to Sydney but thought it would be fun to hire a camper van. With it being around Christmas time the rates were pretty extortionate but we came across a campervan relocation website where we paid A$5 per day and also got A$150 of fuel. This way we had three days to get the camper van from Melbourne to Sydney and see some of the beautiful coastline. This seemed to us like a great way to see the country on a budget. Seeing the sights of Sydney were amazing. We loved seeing the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Taronga Zoo! While we were there, Euan was also able to do some work experience at the highly acclaimed Rockpool restaurant with chef Neil Perry.


With all this sightseeing and being a tourist, we were running out of money fairly rapidly, so we stared looking for jobs across Australia. We are not city people and had both been working in high-end fine dining establishments so we wanted to do something different over in Australia. Corinna Wilderness Experience on the Tasmanian West Coast was one of the first to respond in offering us a job, so with the last of our money, we flew to Hobart and bought a car. Arriving at Corinna nine hours later we arrived and thought, “What we have done?” There was no TV, no mobile coverage and no internet. Had we gone through a time portal somewhere? However, it very quickly became a haven to us. We loved the fact that there were no distractions from the outside world. It sounds silly but you actually talked to people (guests and staff). The staff became like family to us. With our working holiday visas, we were able to work here for six months. In that time we were lucky enough to meet a business lady in Stanley, North West Tasmania, who was looking for a couple to take over the running of a small restaurant and bed and breakfast. She offered to sponsor us on the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS). This was a shock offer for us because we thought we would have to leave at the end of our one year. We decided to take the offer and started the process of applying for residency, while taking a few months off in July 2011 to do some more travelling along the Australian East Coast. We planned to drive to Port Douglas, where we were to meet up with friends for a 50th birthday party. Having been to Port Douglas before, we knew the area pretty well. This time we also ventured to the Atherton Tablelands where we saw our first wild platypus. Kuranda was still as amazing as we remembered and the Daintree Rainforest was also spectacular. On our journey back to Sydney we decided we wanted to stay on one of the Great Barrier Reef islands, South Molle Island. The island and setting was beautiful and the staff were all backpackers like us so we had a great time. In November 2011 we flew home to Scotland for three weeks to see family, returning back to Tasmania in December 2011, where we took over operating the Cable Station in Stanley. Within the first eight months we had won Tasmanian Tourism Restaurant of the Year, which felt like a great achievement for us.


The total cost for our migration n was A$10,000 (£5,582) which included our visas, medicals and migration agent fees. As we were applying for a Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) visa the cost wasn’t as high and it is the quickest process. Our sponsor paid for half the costs and we had saved up enough to pay for the rest. The residency application process is a vast amount of paperwork which can become confusing so we found that it was well worth employing an agent. We used Simon Earles of Signet Consulting and Migration, who were excellent. The application process, which took around six months, wasn’t complicated, just very repetitive. Our RSMS visas were awarded in March 2012 and we ran the business until April 2013. While living at the Cable Station we added a new member to our family a puppy called Eriska, a Staffy Collie cross. We then moved back down to Corinna Wilderness Experience in the Tarkine Rainforest to take over the running of the kitchen and restaurant. It’s such a special place, located as it is on the banks of the Pieman River.


Stanley reminds us of home (but with better weather) and we have great friends here too. The produce in Tasmania is as good as it gets anywhere in the world. We live on site in the rainforest on the days we are working and we are renting a small property near Stanley, which we come to on our days off. It is a small two-bedroom house, with a large garden for Eriska to run around. We hope to have our own property very soon. We definitely have the four season change here and sometimes all four can be experienced in one day (just like Scotland). Summers are almost guaranteed to be warm and dry here and we have found the last two have been exceptionally hot, reaching the mid to high 30s most days, while the winters are generally just very cold and wet. Life is definitely more laid back here. We work most weekends and on our days off we like to take Eriska to the beach and just chill out with friends.



6th-7th October 2018


13th-14th October 2018